my work

Dedicated to crafting products that resonate with others while ensuring they are both highly dependable and impeccably designed; an intersection of reliability and aesthetic excellence. Here's a brief overview of my accomplishments thus far.


Software Engineer

Ruby on Rails intern with expertise in developing REST API-integrated applications for Salesforce. Contributed to design, implementation, and maintenance of key features, ensuring robust performance. Collaborated with the team to meet project objectives. Experienced in full-stack development and troubleshooting. Skills: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Web Engineering, Software Industry.

  • Specialized in integrating REST APIs with Salesforce, enhancing the application's functionality and connectivity.
  • Ensured smooth data exchange between the Rails application and Salesforce, optimizing overall system performance.
  • Worked collaboratively with a welcoming and friendly team to meet project objectives and deadlines.
  • Applied engineering principles, including TDD, to contribute to the design and development of software solutions.